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  1. Frustrated

From the recording Frustrated

This song is about frustration and regret, a sincere apology to friends and loved ones. It is also about writer's block. Influenced by Alanis Morissette and Led Zeppelin.


Why can't I make up my mind?
I’m frustrated.
The perfect words are hard to find.
Yeah, frustrated.
Why can't I shut off my mind?
I’m so frustrated.
My brain is running over time.
Oh yeah, frustrated….

I wanted to engage you,
Wanted to persuade you,
Wanted to dismay you,
But didn't go betray you.
I wanted to disarm you,
But didn't mean to harm you.
Wanted to amaze you,
But didn't think it'd phase you.

How can I make up to you ,
For all the pain I put you through?
Yeah, frustrated.
How can I face up to you,
I’m so frustrated.
For all the blame I laid on you?
Oh yeah, frustrated….

(Repeat Chorus)
V3 (not used)
Searching history books on-line
Looking for the magic sign
Seeking wisdom I can't find
Needing answers to the rhyme

Modified Chorus:
Sorry for misstating,
Its really so frustrating,
So intimidating,
Very aggravating.
I'm sick of hesitating,
So exasperating,
Tired of debating,
Regret to keep you waiting....

Instrumental Outro:
I’m frustrated…
Yeah, frustrated…
I’m so frustrated…
Oh yeah, frustrated….
released May 26, 2014
Written, arranged and sung by CherieO. Mix/Mastered by Michal Sarzec.
Copyright 2013, C. Ostor, all rights reserved.